Baby’s fourth week

Week 4

As you approach your first full month after the birth of your baby, a sense of normalcy truly begins to set in. Most birth mothers are feeling physically healed, and expectations regarding your newborn have usually come to a more realistic level. By this we mean that you understand how your baby behaves, how your baby responds to your care, and how your baby sleeps and wakes. Understanding these components of your newborn’s behavior helps you function and plan your days and nights accordingly. There is a direct relationship between feeding and sleeping for your baby, and this relationship will be very important in the coming months as you support your baby’s ability to sleep for longer stretches of time.

Follow your bedtime and naptime routines, and practice laying your little one down for sleep while they’re still awake when possible.

Always feed on demand, but continue to offer feedings before and after naps.

You can’t force yourself to fall asleep, so establishing yourself a healthy sleep routine sets you up for sleep success!

Harness the power of the sun to help reinforce the difference between daytime and nighttime for your little one.

Dream Lab:

Dream Lab:

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