Keep up the routine

By the end of your baby’s fourth week, you’ve likely settled into a regular routine for feeding. At this point, your baby should eat 8-12 times in a 24-hour period. But depending on your baby’s ability to have longer sleep stretches, you may begin to tweak some portions of their feeding routines. Continue your routine of feeding as soon as your baby wakes. Even if your baby has only been sleeping for 45 minutes, feed them as soon as they wake and show hunger cues. This practice will provide ample awake time for your baby to feed well. Although the amounts and times of feedings may still vary throughout the day and night, respond to your baby’s hunger cues to feed on demand in addition to when the baby wakes from naps and nighttime sleep.

Feeding anticipations

Number of feedings:
8 – 12 per day
Breastfeeding frequency:
On demand
Breastfeeding amount:
15 – 20 minutes per breast
Bottle feeding frequency:
On demand
Bottle feeding amount:
3 – 4 oz

Dream Lab:

Dream Lab:

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