Baby’s third week

Week 3

Depending on your delivery, the third week at home postpartum may finally allow you to feel a bit more connected to the outside world. For mothers who have had a cesarean section, this is the time when you can usually begin driving again. Your partner may be returning to work soon, which is a new challenge after 2 weeks of having your support person with you. Many new mothers have their postpartum check up this week or next, and it’s a good time to talk with your provider about your postpartum recovery and address any concerns you may have about your physical recovery or any emotional symptoms.

If your newborn did not have a growth spurt last week, it will probably happen this week, so don’t be surprised if feeding becomes a bit more intense. Growth spurts are a normal part of your baby’s growth and development and they will continue at regular intervals over the next year and beyond. Growth spurts mean an increase in your baby’s appetite and sometimes increased fussiness.

Find a sleep routine and flexible schedule that works for your family.

Frequent feedings are still important; your baby wants and needs to feed around the clock.

Allow yourself to nap when needed. Your baby needs you well rested more than your laundry needs to be folded.

Crying is normal, but you can set your baby up for self-soothing success by giving them access to their hands and mimicking the womb.

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