Welcome to the Weekly Guide!

Here at Owlet, we want to keep every baby safe, well-slept & healthy while empowering parents with solutions that bring more joy to the parenting journey.

The first several weeks after the birth of your baby can be very exhausting and overwhelming. Our goal is to help you develop new routines and learn the basics of care and feeding your baby while also adjusting to this new phase in your life.

To begin, we will take it slow as you navigate the first 4 weeks after birth.

Each week, we will cover 4 topics:
  • Feeding
    We support you to develop routines that initiate feeding success.
  • Sleep
    We’ll lay the foundation for healthy sleep learning to support your baby’s ability to self-soothe and fall asleep independently.
  • Parent Support
    Parent Support
    Essential techniques for adjusting during the postpartum period
  • New Skill
    New Skill
    We help you develop new routines and learn the basics of caring for your newborn
We’re excited to share this journey with you! Now, let’s get started!
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Dream Lab:

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