You are the expert for Baby!

As amazing as it is to have an online community of support, you may find it’s also an online community of judgement or even misinformation. What one parent swears by, another claims is harmful or wrong. Remember, no one can parent your baby as well as you can. You are the expert on your tiny baby and have spent countless hours studying them and researching what works for them. Don’t forget that you are biologically made to support your baby.

Sleep training is safe but not necessary

Countless experts teach different childrearing programs and have data and research to prove they work, but they don’t work for every baby and sometimes not even in the long term. New research shows that there are no long term benefits to sleep training your baby, at least not developmentally. It’s perfectly healthy to sleep train your little one, but may not work for your family. Each baby hits developmental milestones in their own time and that includes sleep milestones. Some babies are born to sleep and some are born to challenge their parents every step of the way. Wherever your baby lands on that spectrum is perfectly healthy and normal, and might not have anything to do with your sleep techniques. As you try different techniques, keep in mind that it’s one experiment after another until you find the correct formula for you and your baby. Whatever you decide to do you remember to acknowledge joy in the parenting experience.

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