Supporting daytime behaviors

From the moment your baby is up for the day you should reinforce that it’s daytime. You want your baby to understand that it’s time to be more active, to get some exercise in, to see the sun, to consume the majority of their calories, and to play. Babies are not born with a circadian rhythm – the 24-hour cycle that determines your behaviors and physiological needs – so they follow their caregiver’s social cues in understanding the difference between night and day.

Healthy daytime behaviors

Take your baby outside, open your windows to let sunlight in, practice some tummy time, and take naps with your baby in the same room with daytime noise and sunlight. Wake your baby up from naps to feed in the daytime so they are offered enough daytime feedings. All of these daytime habits will help them understand that day time is for playing, but night time is for good restorative sleep.

Play outside in the sun

Practice tummy time

Take naps with daytime noise and light

Feed frequently during the day

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