Time to unswaddle

Transitioning your baby out of the swaddle can cause new challenges and sleep disruptions for you and your baby. There are many recommendations and opinions in parenting resources that promise to have the best solution for you as you encounter a new sleep challenge. You know your baby best, so listen to your instincts when it comes to the best way to work through developmental transitions.

Sleep disruptions are normal

As your baby grows they’ll continue to have these transitional periods that make you feel as if you’re going backwards. Developmental milestones often cause disruptions in feeding and sleeping. This is completely normal and part of your baby’s healthy development. If you find yourself feeling discouraged, try to remember that every new skill and ability your baby acquires demands a lot of brain and body work from your little one. Imagine yourself when you have a big event coming up in your own life: is your sleep ever disturbed when you have a lot on your mind? It’s the same concept for your baby — they’re continually working up to big milestones that cause their brains to be very active, and this impacts their physical responses. The sleep disruptions that occur when your baby is learning something new or approaching a milestone are only temporary, so try not to get too discouraged.

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