Take a break

Mom, this week your postpartum emotions may feel overwhelming. It’s perfectly natural to feel stress mixed with many emotions, but if you find these feelings are overwhelming you, reach out for help. Postpartum depression and anxiety is very common and is in no way a reflection on your abilities as a mother. All birth mothers are at risk of experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety for a full year following birth. In fact, approximately 1 in 7 mothers will experience these mood changes. Reaching out is brave and not only important for you, but also for your little one. Remember to take breaks as often as possible — not only is it good for our mental health, but it’s good for your bond with your baby.

Your support circle

Think about your support circle: a partner, family, friends or even neighbors you can reach out to for help when you need it. Help doesn’t mean the same for everyone. Maybe help is someone bringing meals or ordering takeout for dinner. It can be having someone hold your baby while you shower, or walking Baby around the block while you nap. Help comes in many forms and it’s up to you to decide what help looks like for you.

Prioritize yourself

It’s always okay to prioritize your wants and needs and include your baby in them. Do you miss gardening? Take your baby outside with you and lay them next to you while you pull those weeds. Do you miss running? Put Baby in a stroller and prepare for the challenge that is running while pushing an extra person. Do you miss wandering around your favorite store? Take your baby with you! The change in scenery is an amazing sensory experience for your little one and you may find that they settle down when you leave the house and may even fall asleep while you’re on the go.

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