Reach out to your partner

Navigating your relationship with your partner in the midst of the newborn period is a challenge for many new parents. Couples experience the joys and frustrations of new parenthood, and often experience very personal challenges during this time. In the early weeks, mothers and babies spend a lot of time together, and some partners may need support in understanding their new role. All new parents will need time to adjust to the amount of time and attention a new baby requires, but your relationship with your partner will also need care and attention.

Find time for yourselves

During times when your baby is sleeping, try to connect with your partner by sharing a meal together away from the distractions of your phones. Have conversations about things that don’t involve dirty diapers or household chores, and take a few minutes each day to reconnect with your partner. Ask questions about their day and if possible make future plans for date nights or family vacations. Share your feelings with one another and try to remember the importance of your relationship within this parenting journey.

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