Isolation for parents can be a risk factor for their mental health. Make a plan to get out of the house each day to help with feelings of monotony. Sun exposure also gets your some much needed vitamin D, which helps foster quality sleep.

Caring for multiple children

If you have older children, you may feel guilty because your baby is tagging along to all of their older siblings’ activities. That guilt comes from the misunderstanding of overstimulation. Many parents with multiple children find that their youngest is easier than their first because they’re calmer from their experience with their oldest child. It also can be because their youngest is getting a more frequent change in their sensory environment as they attend different activities throughout the day.

Every experience and sensory change is an opportunity for growth and development for your baby, whether that’s running errands, going into work, going for a walk, or sitting in a parent-teacher conference for your older child. Make sure to leave Baby’s stroller or car seat uncovered so they can look around as you stroll through the neighborhood or stores. Even if your baby is napping, it will help them recognize that it’s a daytime nap rather than nighttime sleep. Save those covers for trips to the doctor’s office when you’re trying to keep the sick germs at bay. With or without a cover, your baby will fall asleep when they need it.

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