Feeding routine

Your feeding routine should feel pretty consistent by this point, but what if it doesn’t? Some parents start off with a feeding plan for Baby only to determine a few weeks later that it is not working well for their family. A change in your feeding plan may require new products or practices that take time to learn. Or you might feel relieved because the pressure of feeding challenges are gone.

Feeding anticipations

Number of feedings:
8 – 10 per day
Breastfeeding frequency:
On demand
Breastfeeding amount:
15 – 20 minutes per breast
Bottle feeding frequency:
On demand
Bottle feeding amount:
4 – 5 oz

Feeding method is a personal decision

The decision of how to feed your baby is a very personal one, and affects both Baby and parents. The most important thing is that your baby is fed and healthy. If your physical or mental health are at risk as a result of a feeding method or feeding pressures you should make your own health a priority. Your baby can thrive with many feeding methods, but a happy and healthy parent is what truly makes a family thrive.

Dream Lab:

Dream Lab:

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