Be yourself

You’re two months into parenthood, or maybe two months into parenting this new little one while also caring for older children. Either way you may feel disconnected from yourself. Sitting down and reflecting on your current feelings and how your day-to-day looks might help you reestablish your sense of self worth and focus on self care. Do you find your day-to-day enjoyable? Or are you feeling lost and overwhelmed? When you’ve established what you miss most about your life before these new challenges, you can make a plan to incorporate those hobbies back into your routine.

Do your favorite things with Baby

Do you miss finding time to read? Read out loud during tummy time as your baby will love the sensory change of hearing your voice while working on their core strength. Do you miss your social life? Take your baby with you on your next outing. Not only will your little one love the experience, it’s great for their development. Even if you stay out past your baby’s bedtime, it will be ok. Just like one perfect day of sleep habits won’t create a healthy routine, one bad day won’t destroy all of your hard work either. You can get back to your bedtime routine the next night.

Dream Lab:

Dream Lab:

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