Feeding and your baby’s immune system

Once your baby is 3 months old, their immune system is considered fully developed and are now able to fight off viruses and infection much better than in the early weeks after birth. If you feed your baby formula, it’s no longer necessary to use boiling water when mixing with powdered formula since your baby’s risk of diarrhea from potential bacteria has now decreased due to their developed immune system. Continue practicing healthy habits like hand washing prior to preparing a bottle, and making sure to thoroughly wash and dry bottles and nipples between uses.

Feeding anticipations

Number of feedings:
8 – 10 per day
Breastfeeding frequency:
On demand
Breastfeeding amount:
15 – 20 minutes per breast
Bottle feeding frequency:
On demand
Bottle feeding amount:
4 – 5 oz

Dream Lab:

Dream Lab:

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